11 October 2009

Buried London Treasure

We found a gem of London and it's called Gordon's Wine Bar.
It is the oldest wine bar in London and possibly one of the oldest in the world. You step into a nondescript door and immediately head down a steep, narrow staircase...

It opens into an underground cave, smelling of wine and Friday-night freedom. The place was packed to the brim with happy people of all sorts- young, old, hairy, short, bald and then us.

There weren't many tables at all, as the place is pretty tiny, and people hover around keeping a keen eye out for the next available seat. Luckily we landed a table after about 20 minutes of standing with full glasses and a bottle in hand.

From the main room there are small arch openings that lead to the depths of Gordan's cave, which is only about 6' tall at most. One of the servers was super tall and watching him go in and out of the cave was amusing...to us anyway, I'm sure his back hurt.

Apparently Gordon's is also a place where PDA's are not only accepted, but expected. It is a perfect date atmosphere so we couldn't blame the couples around us who insisted on sucking face for the duration of our stay. I mean, if we had dates, we'd have been doing the same!!!