11 October 2009

How Times Have Changed

The Victoria & Albert Museum is home to many things, one being the premier history fashion exhibition EVER. There are clothes that date back to 1600's up to present day and even looking into the future of fashion, with displays of fashion students' work.

This was the first shoe in a line of many, and dates back to the later 1700's.
Lookin' mighty comfortable...

Here is the breakdown of women's undergarments over time. Here we have the bussle...added padding to look like the ladies were really packin' it. Too bad for the guys who found out the truth after peeling away layers of clothing only to find this hideous padding... And then we have the beloved corset, which is still popular today but for slightly different purposes.

Here the men get to show off with this lovely dressing jacket, I mean,
heaven forbid you see their nightgown right? Imagine how people of that time would have reacted to the showy Calvin Klein boxer briefs of today.

This lovely ensemble is a collage of bras, made by a designer in Milan. Tres chic ladies!!

Last but not least, this is the future of dresses for women...a boxy dress that nicely accentuates the hips and is adorned with a most conspicuous frontal zipper.

As we entered the hall on our way out we were greeted with the ever-astounding work of Chihuly, who has exhibited many a time in Chicago and is an internationally known glassblower.

Lucky for us, we did not miss out on a good London rain....