13 October 2009

Back Home in Paris!

It's strange that a place can start to feel so familiar after such a short time
but we both felt a sense of homecoming when we arrived back in France.

We started it off right with a trip to Le Marche Biologique (organic market) on Rue de Raspail.

Who wouldn't want to buy wine from this guy!?

liverThe French clearly agree with one of our greatest
role model's (Julia Child) words of wisdom! "SAVE THE LIVER!!!!!"

greenladyNo Parisian would dare to be seen without a beret to match her sweater.

After the market, we enjoyed a sublime fall day in Luxembourg gardens.
Parisians were out in full force to take in the crisp air and admire the lovely autumnal colors.

On our way home, we stumbled into a group of hundreds of roller-bladers.
Police were shutting down the streets in preparation for a ride through the city --
a scene very similar to Critical Mass. Tons of people were out,
well padded, prepared with water, and ready to take on the streets of paris!

Getting ready to take off.

The old and the young! (bonus points for the bright green sweatband)

And they're off!