11 October 2009

London Markets

We've been hitting up markets like it's our job since we got to France and the two we visited in London were no disappointment. England seems to have a really strong local, fresh, organic food movement -- it actually doesn't even really seem like a "movement" at all, it's just a way of life that makes the most sense!

Our first visit was to Borough Market, close to Southwark Cathedral along the Thames. It was in a really cute old part of the city, but also right next to a busy business district so there were lots of people grabbing lunch during their break (and enjoying a rare sunny day outside).

boroughIn addition to lots of fresh, fresh, fresh, fruits and vegetables, there were vendors serving prepared food. This woman was making some kind of yummy looking curry.

Fish, anyone?

Or maybe you are in the mood for freshly hacked pig?

The second market we visited was the famed Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill. Though it was a bit touristy, there did seem to be some legitimate antique dealers, great food, and lots of vintage clothing. Of course, if we happened to be in need of a cheap teddy bear with a British flag t-shirt, we would've been in luck there too.

Antique books.......and H.P.

Alice's was selling lots of tea and tea accessories.
We settled on a cheaper alternative that cold day...we broke down and went into a Starbucks when it started to rain, bought one tea and shared it and then kept the cup and continued getting it refilled with hot water in other S'bucks locations over the city(hey, we told you "we be budgen!"). We decided there are more Starbucks in London than in the US,
and that day, they served us well.

Jewelery, old watches, and knick-knacks galore. The vendor assured us they were all authentic Victorian-era silver, uh huh, right-o!

They were also selling dismembered legs, but we didn't ask how much they were.

We treated ourselves to a piece of cake at Hummingbird Bakery -- a place that came highly recommended to us.

Erika Hamilton this one's for you!!!! The cupcakes are not nearly as good as the ones in Denver though don't worry, but the store was really cute. We got a gigantic piece of carrot cake.