30 March 2010

Bella Boccadasse

With a sizable bowl of pasta resting in our stomachs, we strolled along the seaside path between downtown Genova and the old fisherman's neighborhood Boccadasse to the east.

At the center of the buildings lies the main attraction- a tiny beach all of pebbles.
While that may seem uncomfortable even if you brought a blanket,
many of these sun-lovers are laying out on the bare rock- sleeping, kissing and chatting.

This man was fast asleep, and he was by NO means the only one...

I guess now you can't even sit on the beach without being bombarded by advertising.
And it's impossible NOT to notice an entirely lit-up barge drifting casually by.

The local biker gang of Boccadasse made an appearance on their home turf...
What ensued??? Bumper-bikes galore.

Watching as the sun starts to fade over the bay.

The car pulled up at home just in time for a lovely valley sunset.
Buona notte Italia