03 October 2009

the Scene- Paris

We have both been to Paris many times before, but always as more of a tourist trying to cram the Louvre, parks and Eiffel Tour all into one week. Aren't vacations supposed to be relaxing?

This time, we are living and breathing Parisian life, getting used to the routines,
markets, streets, and everyday hooha. We have our favorite produce store, super marché, fromagerie and boulangerie all within a short walk of our front door.

For the most part, the métro stations are clean and each has a little accent of bright
color to lighten the mood while waiting for the next train.

So much seafood....and so much of it was still crawling around in its crate....
Hannah arrived just in time to head straight to the marché by our apartment.

It was our first market experience together, and we were wonderfully overwhelmed
by the colors, smells, crowd, and new foods.

So, from our jaunt through the market came our first incredible dinner of many....
fresh, fresh salmon and veggies galore.

Where's the métro?

Happy to be back in Paris.

Gettin' their dance on in the square directly under the Eiffel Tower.
They gots skillz!

Fall leaves along La Seine.

Faced with these choices, which one would you choose?
One of each perhaps?

Work It

To get the full effect, make sure your sound is TURNED ALL THE WAY UP...
we are thinking of taking lessons from these guys so we can try making a bit of spending money from all the gawking tourists under the Eiffel Tower too.

The tale of lost cheese...and our first full day!

Our time in Paris so far has been full of great moments and one small tragedy. Great moments include visiting our local food market, the smell of fresh bread on every corner, laughing at dramatic teenage French couples talking intensely on the metro, spying on our cute neighbors, and going to see a free choral concert (who cares if it was a group of middle-aged, off beat, out of tune people!). Our only mishap has been having a stupid little chien eat our precious Crotin de Chavignol (by the way, this is the best goat cheese EVER!) right off the bench we were picnic-ing upon...INJUSTICE! This may not seem like a big deal, but that cheese is really really good, and we take our cheese very seriously, ok?

Our plans for the next few months are coming together nicely and we can't wait for the next adventure.

Missing you all back at home (everyone should come visit!)...Hannah et Erika

be back with more pics in a bit

02 October 2009

Hannah est arrivée!!

I arrived safe and sound...be back later with updates...
including two new cheese recommendations for anyone interested!

01 October 2009

Petanque Culture- Paris

There is no better place to observe the France national game of
Petanque than Paris. Everywhere you turn you see groups of men gathered, completely
consumed by an amusing, but very serious and competitive game.

You rarely see women playing. When I asked one of my dear friends here playing why that was he simply replied "Ooooh, come back later, in the afternoon, everyone will be playing."
This is not the case at all, but he wanted me to feel more comfortable.

Waiting with bated breath for the final toss...

The level of concentration is amazing, comparable to a professional
basketball player standing at the free-throw line.

The balls are so close here. It is times like this that they bust out the
measuring tape(no joke), to truly decide who is the winner.

This is definitely a game to try at home!

30 September 2009


The moving walkways at Charles de Gaulle airport. These walkways carry passengers up and down as if traversing rolling hills, and they criss-cross over wide open spaces in the airport.

Our view of La Tour Eiffel from Carolyn's apt!!


Of course, my backpack is most likely WAY too heavy. But I made it to Paris, and that's all that matters.