13 October 2009

Countryside Escape

We escaped the hustle and bustle of the city today, hopped on a train (the wrong one, but no matter!), and headed south-west to the little town of Rambouillet. I (this is Hannah) have distant Gigoux-relatives living there who my grandmother found a few years ago. We've been to visit them once before, several years ago. Today, they showed us an incredible amount of hospitality, served us a gourmet lunch, and introduced us to many new animal friends.

Jean-Charles met us at the train station and brought us to the farm where Brigitte,
Bernard, Papi (the Grandfather), and Christophe met us for lunch.

The meal included fresh tomatoes (from the garden), potato-zucchini puree, pork (from the farm), cider/beer (home-brewed, apples from the garden), bread (made with wheat from the field Bernard and Christophe were working in that morning),
cheese, and a chocolate pear tart for desert.

After the meal, we got a tour of the farm.
One of the farm cats recently gave birth to a litter of the cutest
petits chattons (kittens) in the world. Unfortunately, these lil guys were already
claimed or we might have been forced to take them with us...

Brigitte, moi, et un little lamb.

Enjoying the pasture...and a break from the barking of the
German Shepard who was chained up not too far away.

Inside the barn...this is the machine that dispenses all the finished wheat into
trucks to be taken into town and made into awesome French bread.

Here is the German Shepard chilling with the rabbits-neither one was at all phased by the other.

Brigitte in her garden picking zucchini for us to take home.
We just finished eating them up for dinner...tres delicieux! Merci, Brigitte!!

In front of the quince tree in the garden. She also loaded us up with a sack of quinces to make jam. We aren't sure just how to do it yet, but we will definitely find out. Brigitte is holding the dahlias she picked from her garden for us to take home. I still don't quite understand how there are such gorgeous flowers still in bloom in October, but I'm glad!

A shot of the house (to the left) and the old barn (to the right). (For all the Taylor-White-Steens reading, the building to the right is where we had our epic feast.)

fam photos
fam with dogsAnother day, another adventure!

A demain!