10 October 2009

Through the Chunnel- London

Feeling cheeky, we popped over to London
for a jaunt to check out the scene.
The borough of Islington, north of the city center.
We stayed here at our friend Nicole's apartment for 5 days and packed in as much as we possibly could- toured the city, hit all the major museums, and found a few sweet spots.

It wouldn't have been London without a little rain, but we also had a few lovely days.
Definitely fell in love with the city.

So apparently working out in London is way more exciting than in the U.S.
Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to figure out just how exciting.
Maybe next time.

Islington is a beautiful area with tons of ethnic restaurants, cute boutiques and bakeries.
Our favorite store that we frequented for food is called Budgens...and since the name is basically the epitome of our current situation, "we be budgen" is our new motto.

On the streets of Islington.
Yea! school uniforms...

On the tube. What a wonderful form of public transportation!
It's clean, super fast and people are quiet and respectful.

A skate park tucked underground alongside the river. It's like a whole separated world, completely covered with some pretty sick artwork.

Jammin' to the tunes.
The Millenium Bridge is in the background. It thankfully has not collapsed again
since it was rebuilt in 2002 after some faulty engineering for its initial opening in 2000.