09 December 2009

Faces of the Rodez Marché

For each small town we have lived in, there is always a certain joy and sense of adventure with an excursion to the closest "big" city. For us here in Aveyron, that closest big city is Rodez, home to less than 30, 000 inhabitants and current host of France's most popular and reputable circus- Cirque Amar!

Saturday is market day in Rodez, and since it has been a while since we've been able to feed our constant craving of French markets, we jumped at the chance to go. At first the markets were mostly about the different foods and cheeses and meats that we could fine- wonderful little treasures. But as we continue to frequent the markets of southern France we've found another little joy to look forward too...people watching! And yes, while of course there is nowhere near the diversity and uniqueness of bustling Chi-town streets, there are definitely some gems to be found among the many attendees of a Saturday marché...

This is Elisabeth, our lovely friend from Austria who has been at Agnes' for over 6 weeks now! She grew up on a pig farm in the countryside of Austria and has many intriguing stories about farm life, birthing piglets and accidentally falling asleep in the pigpen when she was little.

Hmmm, now if only I could remember what it is I came here for.....

Wook at awww da vegetables.

Oo La La, so serious on a Saturday morning!