13 December 2009

My, What A Belle Castle!

It just so happens that we have been living right next to yet another town on the "top 20 prettiest villages in France" list. Of course, like Minerve, a big sign welcomed us into Belcastel, not letting us pass by without duly noting its claim to fame. The striking castle, which dates from the 11th century, gave the village its name and towers above the town like a guardian angel.

No town is complete without the old men. In this case they took it upon themselves to fish the river from the top of the bridge, which was thirty feet above the water. There was plenty of space to fish along the empty riverbanks but where's the challenge in that huh?

Like most of the other villages we pass through, this one was constructed expertly in stone, from the buildings to the pathways.

Off to the edge of town there was a strange little dwelling that did not match the rest, but showed clear signs of life inside...

The grounds of the castle were closed for the season, but from the road we could glimpse little patches of bright green, moss-covered landscaping and pools of water flowing from one into the next down the hillside.