09 December 2009

Bozouls Bizzles

This part of France seems to have more than its fair share of fascinating, beautiful, and peculiar little villages. Luckily, Agnes lets us use her car to make day trips so we've been able to go out and do lots of exploring.

Each little village we visit has its own unique appeal...something that sets it apart from the dozens of other cloyingly attractive villages nearby.

Bozoul's claim to fame is the breathtaking "Trou de Bozouls." The Dordou river hollowed out a canyon, leaving a 500 meter limestone plateau. Most of the old part of the village is perched up on the narrow plateau, seemingly teetering on the edge.  The rest of it is scattered around the bottom of canyon.

Near the edge of the plateau looking out over the abyss is the church of St. Fauste -- a rather stern, abandoned looking place.  The church almost looks haunted framed by the leaf-less, spindly trees.  (Doesn't the one on the left look like a person shaking their fists at the sky?!)

After exploring the part of the village on the plateau, we made our way down to the bottom of the gorge to explore from a different angle.  Besides offering a great perspective of the upper village, we also got a better look at the Dordou.  The tint of the water comes from the high iron content in the soil -- the same thing that colors all the rock red.  

A look back at the different levels of Bozoul -- kind of like a 3-tiered wedding cake!