06 December 2009

At Home in Aveyron

We are now helpxing with a fabulous French woman named
Agnes who lives in the Aveyron department.

We are technically still in southwestern France and only about two hours north of Ventenac,
but everything is just a little different. That's the wonderful thing about France. Each little
region has its own special feel, a unique "terroir" that is hard to put into words but
manifests itself in the architecture, the landscape, and the spirit of the people.

Here is Chez Agnes! Her home is a cozy 120 year old farmhouse.

Her property also includes two other buildings, both in the process of being renovated.
This one is still in the relatively early stages. One of the great things about helpxing
is helping our hosts realize their dreams. A few years ago, this building was little more
than a pile of rocks. In a few years, Agnes plans on moving in their herself!

Another one of Agnes' dreams is to have a clean house. One of our main
projects this past week has been to make that dusty, spider-web filled dream a reality.

Sneak peak into our bedroom!!! Looks a little bit like summer camp (or an orphanage), right?

Meal times here are also quite an affair. Three meals a day, the five of us helpers (the other three are Elizabeth from Austria, Stephen from Belgium/Mars, and Christian from Italy) and Agnes come together for discussion, laughter, and good eats. We are so incredibly fortunate to have tons of great food at our fingertips -- luckily, we are all of the same mindset that savoring delicious food is one of life's greatest pleasures. The fireplace is pretty nice too.

A lot of the food we are enjoying comes straight out of Agnes' top notch garden.

These lettuce rows are 10x better and 99% cheaper than any Whole Foods produce aisle!

We also tend to Agnes' chickens. Stephen has established quite a
relationship with them and they go crazy for his daily gift of the kitchen compost.

And of course, they leave us little gifts too!

The view out of the back yard. Looks like we've found another little patch of paradise!