17 December 2009

Full House

The Agnes household has been a busy one lately...

Chris arrived a few days ago, just as we were giving a tearful farewell to Elizabeth, who headed back to Austria for a holiday with the family. Then, two of Agnes' grand kids came for the weekend, filling the house with piano playing, singing, imagination and youthful laughter...
they both speak very good English and love to repeat things they hear their daddy say
when he gets mad like "bloody hell" and "jesus christ". Dennis, a former helper,
also stayed the weekend, as the man he's been working for went out of town.

A night of bread-making.

Hmmm, now, how does this work again...?

Casper, Agnes' grandson, had a birthday a few days before, so we decided to have a
little cake and singing for him. He turned the big 7 and was pretty happy about it.

I think it was more his spit that put the candles out than his blowing....

Three more to go. C'mon Casper!

Mother and son.

Like most children, Casper immediately took a liking to Chris. You know life's ok
when you can still act like a child once in a while. Birthday boy even got to cut his own cake, which is something I know I was not allowed to do when I was 7. I'm not even sure I
even knew what a knife was much less how to use one- thanks mom and dad!

Then, after the kids retired, a playful boxing match ensued between
Steven and Dennis in the dining room...

swift kick...someone's had a little experience with this- unfair advantage?

All ended well with both of them sprawled out on the tile floor and Steven in a headlock.