05 November 2009


Meal times are where a lot of the magic happened at David and Sundara's. This particular dinner will go down in the hall of fame.

The food was gourmet. A perfect tomato, avocado, red onion salad; roasted pork; leek and mushroom compote; and mashed potatoes.

Props to Chef Tim and his expert potato mashing skillz!

It was all washed down with red wine and topped off with what has become a Hannah and Erika trademark: flourless chocolate cake. yum

The highlight of the evening was a spontaneous wine-tasting. Sundara was determined to prove to David that in France, there is no excuse for paying more than five euros for a bottle of wine while David is of the opinion that pricey wines are almost by default, higher quality.

Sundara picked out three wines -- a 2 euro bottle, a 3 euro bottle, and a 10 euro bottle. She poured them into identical glasses and set them at each of our place settings.  

We smelled, swirled, gargled, and downed the options and then ranked them by order of quality.

While David has nearly perfected the art of being an expert, he actually fell short this time.  He ranked the 10 euro bottle of wine at the bottom of the pack -- much to Sundara's delight.

Oh, husbands...

And of course no night is complete without a little booty shaking to Stevie Wonder. "very superstitious, writing's on the wall..."