09 November 2009

The Essentials: Sun & Food

We've gone back to basics here in Ventenac. 

One of the greatest pleasures of this trip has been the slow pace of life -- it has allowed us to truly appreciate each little moment like this one...the sun rising over the canal.   

Another basic pleasure...BREAD!  We've been testing out a new recipe and are closer to perfection than ever!

Good crust: an essential.  

We've been having some extreme weather the past few days making for intense winds, mysterious mist, and dramatic cloud formations.  

Chilly fall weather calls for soul-warming comfort food.  Squash stuffed with spinach, mushrooms, quinoa, creme fraiche and topped with goat cheese...pas mal, pas mal du tout!

A match made in heaven: Julia Child's ratatouille and creamy dreamy mashed potatoes.