03 November 2009

Good Morning Fog

The fog is setting in around Ventenac. We have been waking up to a thick layer of fog surrounding the house the past few mornings. The view from our bedroom window stretches just barely far enough to see a hint of the canal and maybe a duck or two,
and then it's a white-out beyond that.

Thankfully around 10:30AM the fog clears up and we have
our beautiful days of sunlight and warmth back.

It is nearly 8AM, but Ventenac- a town of 500- looks more like a ghost town this morning.

The trees in the distance are dancing. This view encompasses a slice of the
property(to the left) of the second place we will be staying in Ventenac.
It is a huge chateau that is split between 3 different families.

The road to the west.

Off to the south, the usually vibrant yellow London Planetrees disappear in the distance.
These trees line both sides of our beloved canal and many of the major roads-
making for beautiful bike trips and car rides.

National burning day in Ventenac... This woman seems to have stepped off her barge, found a good place where she wouldn't be bothered and proceeded to burn her piles of rubbish. The smoke was drifting over the adjacent street, up the hill and into town,
where it mixed with the fog and went unnoticed.

While the inhabitants of Ventenac are apparently very stern with the rule to leash your dogs,
most of the dog-walkers we see along the canal let their dogs run free.

Standing on the path of the canal, you have the dirty, but calm waters of the canal on one side and endless stretches of vineyards to the south. Looking through the leaves of
London Planetrees the outline of land beyond is barely distinguishable.

The colors here do not compare to a good Midwestern fall,
but we do have our share of yellows and reds if you're looking out for it.

A road leading out to the north of town, towards more vineyards and small towns.
The church bells just rang 9AM. Time to go have breakfast.