11 November 2009

Home Away From Home

The more time that passes here in Ventenac, the more we are actually starting to feel at home. The rhythm of each day has become routine and the landscape familiar.  So, maybe it’s only natural that every once in a while, we start fantasizing about the possibility of actually making this place our home.  

We got to fantasizing during a walk the other day...

We arrived in the lovely little village of Canet. 

It is a peaceful little French town like a thousand other little French towns: narrow streets, pretty old church, a tabac, a few men in the lone bar, and an old women who carefully matches her shoes to her turquoise blazer...

And then:

We found it!  Our new home!  It's hard to capture the full effect on camera, but it is a thing of beauty.  Big lawn, lots of space, garage/barn in the back, cute shuttered windows.

Now, friends and family, don’t get too worried. We’re not really planning on abandoning all of you at this point. The place we found would be a second home.   We'll happily split our time between France and the United States.  And, it is plenty big, so everyone is welcome to come visit or stay. (If any of you would be interested in making a little investment, we’d be ever so grateful.)

We actually emailed the real-estate agent, just for fun, to see what kind of deal he'd give us.  The price isn't too bad!   We plan on writing back and getting a tour next week.

Don't we just seem at home here?