09 October 2009

On the Street- Paris

Grab a baguette, a hunk of cheese and take off by foot.
This, friend, is the best way to see Paris!

Little Red Riding Hood waiting for the rain.

Chillin' at the Pompidou.

Strolling through the Marais.
This is one of the oldest districts in Paris and is full of quaint bistros and boutiques.

More Marais....

A man and his pigeon gazing out over the Seine.

Where is the rest of this guy??

Oliver & Oliver, stuck in a cage, who will buy them...Hannah and Erika????
We visited one of our favorite Animaleries along the Seine. The salesmen are decked out in white doctor robes and seem oh-so-professional.

Cacao & Chocolate Store. It was named the best chocolate store in Paris, so we made the trip JUST to see if it lived up to its rep...et quelle surprise it did!
We had dark chocolate with Chinese ginger and milk chocolate with sea salt..hmmmm.

This store is called G. Detou, a pun on the phrase j'ai de tous(I have a little bit of everything). And a little bit of everything it did have- honey, wine, chocolate,
dried fuits, nuts, candies, and all necessary baking needs.

A tunnel off of the Seine that led down a tiny passageway.