04 January 2010

Who Likes Mimosas? WE DO!

A new favorite town has been found! This is our last joint adventure before Hannah heads back to the Chi and leaves Erika seul en France.

So, we were originally under the impression that a mimosa was solely a wonderfully refreshing drink to sip on in the summertime...but we now know it is all that and MORE. The town of Bormes-les-Mimosas, which means 'the Sunny One', goes back to Roman times and sits high on a mountain top right off the coast.

It is full of Mimosa trees, which are the most beautifully blooming flowers around, and
such bright, bright yellow. The best time to enjoy the flower display is the end of January
into February, but we were lucky to catch a little glimpse of the wonder!

The colorful buildings and private gardens were picturesque- so lush and overflowing.

Lily fit right in that day with her bright pink dress and yellow dandelion.
*Fun fact- dandelion in French is "Pissenlit"- literally 'piss in bed'- because
they are a diuretic and make you pee yo' bed. Dandelion soup all around!!!

A child's playground! There were so many arches with hidden passageways, you never knew where you were going to end up on the other side.

Our hike up to the old Ch√Ęteau. The grounds are now a private residence- lucky
owners whoever they may be!

The Chateau from way down below...but we finally made it up and stood on the grounds overlooking the beautiful Med and the clouded-over rolling landscape.

Since it is right on the coast and very open to invasion, Mimosa was constantly
attacked and plundered throughout the Middle Ages. The town has been restored, but
very little original architecture remains.

More passageways, we couldn't get enough of them.

Beautiful flowering vines and vines turning golden and orange from the cold
covered the already brightly painted buildings.
This was the perfect send-off back to snowy Chi-town.
Goodbye dear friend Hannah and good luck with the new job- you will be missed greatly!!!!

Hopefully we will be able to make it back for the real flower show in the future,
but for now we will be looking for a vacation home here too, so again,
anyone interested in going in on it with us?