08 January 2010

Colors Galore!

So, when it comes to colors in Toulon, I wouldn't say they over do it....but they definitely DO IT.
From houses and schools down to the small details,
Toulon is covered with a noticeable vibrance typical of French coastal towns.

A modern art gallery and personal residence compliment each other beautifully!

And for the Toulon specialty...A car to match your gate anyone?

Nearly each entrance is bejeweled with not only a brightly painted fence, but also a
colorful plaque showing the house number and sometimes a cute name.
We know people who name their boats, and sometimes their cars....here they name their houses...

Even the older, more run-down houses have a little spunk, character and of course... COLOR!

The building on the right is an ├ęcole...I'd be excited to go to school
too if it was in a building that looks like the sun rising out of a sea of orange.

All shades of blue in one.

While graffiti is usually seen as dirty and ugly, it can also provide color and has an
undeniably artistic quality to it. The back alleys and small, less traveled streets are chock full of interesting displays of self-expression.

Red, white and blue REPRESENT!

The people in the south seem much happier and relaxed than up north in Paris.
It's difficult to be in a sour mood when you're surrounded by so much color and liveliness!