27 October 2009

Wine of the Night

Our first wine recommendation is Le Zaparel.  We were lucky enough to be able to taste it thanks to a new friend and dinner guest for the evening ("salut!" if you are reading) He brought this beautiful red wine from an organic winery called Domaine Saint Julien in the Minervois. The label states that it is a wine "for your pleasure and well-being" and we whole-heartedly agree -- it was definitely made with love and full of character. 

The bottles we had tonight (yes, plural) were from 2001. The wine had a subtle (but not too subtle), full-bodied, slightly cherry flavor. 

We don't know if these people are exporting their wine yet but we hope to visit them later in the week to see for ourselves.

Erika says this is the very best red wine she has ever tasted and Hannah isn't sure she can disagree!  We have definitely set the bar high for our wine reviews...

Rating: 9 out of 10!