29 October 2009

A Day in the Life

A brief glimpse into our life...one day at a time:

Every morning, we all eat breakfast together.  The spread includes a fresh fruit salad, yogurt, cereal, homemade bread with jam, and coffee and tea.  

After breakfast, if the stock is low, we make another batch of bread.  We're still working on our recipe -- to the right are the makings of a recent version.  It tastes great but isn't rising like we'd hope...suggestions from bread makers out there?

After breakfast, it's time for work:

We are currently taking on a big project in the kitchen -- stripping, sanding, priming, and painting all the cabinetry.  

And yes, it is still perfect weather in the south of France so for a change of scenery, sometimes we take the work onto the patio to soak up the rays while we still can.   (Helen, do you like our pants?)

After all that back breaking labor, it's time for lunch!  The past few days, it has been warm enough to eat out on the terrace.  Nothing like a nice glass of white wine to cleanse the palate from a morning of paint fumes.  

After we are done working for the day, we usually head out for a little adventuring.  Biking along the Canal du Midi has been particularly spectacular recently.  We are always in good company along the canal with boaters, fishermen, and ducks (and the occasional donkey) enjoying the good life along with us.  

We usually share kitchen duties in the house, so every few days, we cook dinner.  The other night, we wanted to prepare something that would both impress our hosts and be a fun challenge.  We looked to Julia Child and settled on Coq au Vin.

Erika fearlessly volunteered to take on the job of dealing with the whole chicken that we found in the fridge.  After a quick you-tube butchering tutorial (quite unnecessary, acutally!), she broke down that bird into pieces and we made a delicious meal.

Nights in Ventenac always seem to sneak up on us, but when they arrive, they are absolutely stunning.