21 February 2010

Grattons de Canard

Back in the kitchen, it is time to begin one of the
many duck wonders Kate has planned for us. It starts simple.

One would never guess that duck and popcorn have anything to do with each other...
but upon closer examination we find a popcorn delicacy: Grattons(pronounced, grat-ohn)

Grattons has a very short and simple ingredient list- duck skin and oil.
O.K. fine, so you sprinkle salt and pepper on afterward too, but that's IT.

The skin needs to be cut into cubes, which eventually form popcorn-like shapes.

Having a team of two works great, one person on the
boiling pot of oil and skin and the other on the fry-pan.

The cubes of skin boil in the oil for a few minutes, are then transferred to a pan to get crispy,
and finally dumped in a serving bowl and tossed with a little salt and pepper.

Sounds a little weird right? But in the end,
it's an addictive snack-food like any chip, cookie, or candy.
A real crunchy delight