19 January 2010

The Frugal's Delight

This is a call to the thrifty- come one, come all.
January and July- only 2 times a year-
a wonderful phenomenon occurs across the whole of France...

These two months are designated as the time where retail stores in France are permitted
to have sales on their merchandise, and it works perfectly to draw people out of their houses and descend upon the endless racks of sale items like a vulture to its prey.

The signs are everywhere.
It's official- January has indeed arrived.

During this time it is more rare to see someone NOT
carrying a shopping bag of some size, color and design.

Ok, so we too are guilty of giving in to the pressure of cheaper goods. Sarah made a
wonderful purchase of black, knee-high boots...which one cannot survive without in France,
or at least not in Toulon.
Lily's school is up on a hill, and mother's walk their children up and down the hill(some of them 4 times a day) IN their black, high-heeled, knee-highs. Pas de problem!

Even the mattress guy at the market has his items on sale.

And even the chain grocery stores, like Ed here,
have their produce and home goods on sale.

How can one resist a poster signifying -50%?
And who cares if the sale price may be a bit high yet, it's still 50% OFF the original!

In the end, people may think that Christmas is a crazy time full of shopaholics and
moneybags spending their entire year's wages on one day of happiness... but come to France during July or January, and you'll be glad that Christmas only happens once a year.