01 October 2009

Petanque Culture- Paris

There is no better place to observe the France national game of
Petanque than Paris. Everywhere you turn you see groups of men gathered, completely
consumed by an amusing, but very serious and competitive game.

You rarely see women playing. When I asked one of my dear friends here playing why that was he simply replied "Ooooh, come back later, in the afternoon, everyone will be playing."
This is not the case at all, but he wanted me to feel more comfortable.

Waiting with bated breath for the final toss...

The level of concentration is amazing, comparable to a professional
basketball player standing at the free-throw line.

The balls are so close here. It is times like this that they bust out the
measuring tape(no joke), to truly decide who is the winner.

This is definitely a game to try at home!