02 December 2009


This Turkey Day, we had a lot to be thankful for...

Though we were far away from most of our family, we had wonderful company to share the holiday with.  

We were staying in Starnberg (pronounced shhtaaahrnberg), a little city just outside of Munich with John and Rosi who were generous enough to put up with our antics for several days.  Starnberg is best known for its beautiful lake and view of the mountains (those are the ALPS, ok?!).  

Our Thanksgiving began with a good walk to work up an appetite and burn some extra calories  for the big meal to come.  

Our walk was quite the aerobic activity and even included a detour to the gym.  Ahhhh, those hamstrings.  Feel the burn!  And notice cousin Matt and his wife Tina workin' the obliques. They're putting the love back in "love handles"! 

Coach John looking on to make sure we don't pull a muscle or throw our backs' out.

On our walk, we passed by John and Rosi's boat club (site of the gym) situated on Lake Starnberg.  They are active rowers and members of a team.

Matt and Tina strolling along the dock.  

Some of the boats used for rowing.  

Our promenade also took us over the little hill that separates Starnberg from the countryside and into another beautiful gorge.  

By this time, dinner was still a few hours away and we had worked up quite an appetite.  Luckily, German children have great minds for business.  Unlike their American counterparts, these kids did not limit themselves to selling lemonade.  Oh no no no.  They made waffles with Nutella ("bio waffels," in fact -- meaning organic!).  This fueled us for our long way home.  Quite a deal for 60 cents!

The little kinders selling waffles weren't the only ones out doing business that day.  This man on the right was in front of use attempting to bike his way back in to town.  Let's just say his path was more than a little curvy.  Apparently though, he needed more help from the beer cart man on the right who kindly obliged with a cold bottle.

When we arrived back home, Rosi had the entire Thanksgiving feast waiting for us.  Incredible service! 

 We helped out a bit by preparing the pies -- a pumpkin and an apple, and some yummy cornbread. 

An expertly carved turkey.

The day after our Thanksgiving feast we celebrated the beginning of the Christmas season with a visit to one of Munich's famous Christkindl markets.  

The market was made up of lots of stalls adorned with evergreen and full of handmade goodies, traditional toys, delicious German delicacies, and happy people all wrapped up in holiday cheer!

Thanks again to our wonderful hosts, John and Rosi.  Our visit was nothing short of stellar.