17 November 2009

Work It Guuurl

Our time here has been more than just frolicking along the canal, nibbling cheese, and sipping wine...we work too!

Here is the crew we've been with for most of the time at Chateau Ventenac. You probably recognize the two work-horses on the left...then comes MaryAnne, Nick and Lexi from England and Nina from Australia.

One of our biggest projects here, and by far the one we are the most proud of, is the banister.

See the before and after? From drab to fab!!!!

Notice the fine gold detail work...we're no amateurs anymore.

Some of the spots were incredibly hard to reach. The only way to get to these pesky lil spots was to dangle a vanity mirror over the ledge and hope for the best.

More projects: Nick and MaryAnne painting the front windows and Nina getting her caulk on.

Here is a shot of our lovely bedroom...we added our personal touch by doing the blue swirly accent work on the doors to the bathroom and the closet.

After a long day, a cold beer!