28 November 2009

The True Breakfast of Champions


Usually, our breakfasts consist of yogurt and fruit or oatmeal or whole wheat toast -- pretty standard, healthy, fare.

In France, we've enjoyed the occasional baguette or croissant with a cafe au lait.

But we never expected to see this at 8 am.

As part of our effort to embrace every new opportunity presented to us, we dove into this traditional Bavarian breakfast spread. Clockwise from the top: Zeibelwurst (raw pork and onion), smoked ham, Gelbwurst, goat cheese, liverwurst, Prsack (gelatinized pork sausage).

The morning sun shining through gelatinized, cubed, pork. A thing of beauty, ya?

The meat and cheese is traditionally served with these rolls, called Semmel and dark rye bread.

Wheaties has nothing on us!