23 October 2009


Life in Ventenac so far...

We've got it reaaaaaaly good here.  We arrived in Ventenac late in the night a few days ago --so it wasn't until the next morning that we really got to see how picturesque this place is.  Our hosts, David and Sundara have an amazing (and enormous) home that we feel very lucky to be sharing with them for a few weeks. 

This is the view out of our window on the third floor.  If you squint, you can see Spain!

We are definitely in the land of vignobles (vineyards) here in Ventenac.  We are very close to the Corbieres region and Puy, two big wine producers.  We have been lucky enough to sample quite a few of the local creations each night...delish!

Family photo!  From left to right, Erika, Helen (another helper from New Zealand who just left today), Hannah, Sundara, and David.  

David and Sundara are passionate music-lovers.  They have two grand pianos, are both singers, and have an incredible CD collection that we've enjoyed tuning into while we "work" here.  When they found out that we both are singers, we were immediately invited to join them for a tune. 

Sundara -- master chef of the house.  She has endless amounts of energy, vibrance, humor, and enthusiasm -- it's infectious.  

Today, we were finally able to take a bike ride along the Canal du Midi.  

On our bike-adventure, we came across the little village of Roubia.  Where there is a little French village, there is always a boulangerie and where there is a boulangerie, Hannah and Erika are never too far away.

Every breakfast, lunch and dinner, we are treated to delicious, fresh, gourmet meals.  And, in typical French fashion, each lunch and dinner ends with a taste of cheese.  Here we have a lovely camembert, a roquefort, and a lusciously melty brebis (sheep's milk cheese).   Also note the homemade bread -- we are still working on the art, soooooooo we might need to stay here several more months to work out the kinks.  We told you we were working hard!

After all the stress of bread baking, sometimes all a girl needs is an escape, a retreat of some sort, maybe a meditation room...good thing Sundara thought of that and placed one right next to our bedroom.